March 3, 2024


Edutech Solutions

We at GJ GLOBAL believe that no child or institution should be left behind in this age of online education. As a educational software developer, we take pride in providing the best user experience by breaking down complex EdTech challenges into simple executable processes using latest technology. Our EduTech solutions will address all the challenges encountered by the institutes and create a positive environment to keep all the stakeholders happy.


Our Services

Our Software facilitates the seamless migration from the offline model to the online delivery system while ensuring that the student and the institutes face the least amount of challenges.


As a e learning app development company, we provide customized platform to render live / recorded classes will give the educational institutions the flexibility and achieve scales without compromising of quality education. This platform can be tailormade for individual educators who can provide their services without any hassles. This platform also provides comprehensive and personalised e-learning solutions with features like Online Tests & tutoring, Scoring & Evaluation Engine, Content Development Services, Outreach Services.


We, the best school management software developer will bring all the stakeholders on one platform which will not only increase the efficiency but also provide cost benefits to the institutions. Our mobile application would provide students update to parents in real-time. Managements would get comprehensive reports and inputs to manage the day-to-day operations which will help with all accreditation’s audits.

Payment Gateway Integration

Our extensive financial module will not only cater to the institute’s finance related challenges, but will also provide all the payment gateway integration solutions with reports for easier tabulations.


As a e learning app development company, In order to address the digital challenges faced by students and to reduce the digital divide in the society we provide electronic tablets loaded with learning content via funding schemes such as PTA, CSR, Government or ministry initiatives.

Our steps

What Sets us apart?

We leverage ideas and thoughts out-of-the-box translating them to products and services that best describe our client requirements through our young, enthusiastic and dedicated team who has a unique approach to the market.

Commitment to Quality

We always prioritize the client requrments and meet the timline while meeting all the market standards

OUR Expert Team

Behind every accomplishment we have the time-bound dedicated inputs & efforts on-and-off-board by a number of dynamic, skilled, qualified and experienced experts hailing from various arenas other than IT & Engineering, such as Educationalists, Researchers, Psychologists, Doctors, Corporate & Academic Mentors.

WE Listen to Solve

We sit on the same side of the table as YOU to provide solutions to your business problems. Rather than selling techno jargons, we listen to your business problem and offer several strategies to resolve your problem at its root and help you achieve your objectives.

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